Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Us girls waiting for Derek. Hailee jumped right into the picture at the last minute, silly girl.
My cute brother home from his mission. He's so brown cause he's been in Mexico where its warm. Now he comes home to the snow.

Derek and Bregenz. He's a Jazz fan, can you tell?

My mom was so happy to see Derek.

Jonathan and Will waiting patiently for Derek.

This was Hailee and Brooklyn (Nicole's) waiting for Derek at the airport.

Snow Fun!

Don't you love snow. I'm sure we'll get sick of it soon but for now it's great.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Stockings!

These are my fun Christmas stockings I made, but I had a girl embroider for me. I didn't have enough hooks for our big fam so Hailee is holding mine up for the picture. these were quite an experience. I started in October and finished just before Thanksgiving, while sewing these I also sewed right through me finger and the needle broke off in my finger with the thread still attatched. Luckily I was sewing at my parents and my dad had just got home. I was balling histerically even though it didn't hurt. I was afraid it was going to when it came out. It didn't and I'm still alive. Thanks to my cute sis-in-law for the pattern.


These are our friends Ryan and Crystal that took us to the Jazz game. It looks like he's really happy to get his picture taken.

More Jazz!

Us at the Jazz game last week too bad they lost, but we had sweet seats. We got 11th row right behind the basket. Oh crap it looks like I have a double chin.